Laser Hair Removal - Facial Hair

Both males and females can benefit from facial hair removal using laser treatment!

Facial Laser Hair Removal For Women

Women may be very embarrassed to possess unwanted facial hair. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Facial hair can be removed using lasers and it’s easy, fast, and more comfortable when compared to other methods like electrolysis or waxing. The hair removal procedure can take not more than ten minutes of your time. There is no need for you to grow out the hair for the treatment to be effective.

Facial Laser Hair Removal For Men

Some men may dislike shaving and may want to remove the facial hair growth permanently. They can benefit by using laser facial hair removal. The removal is effective to eliminate shaving. Laser hair treatments can also give a tidier appearance to the face by reducing hair in areas like the eyebrows. Laser hair removal also prevents hair irritation and development of folliculitis, a condition in which some hair follicles get inflamed. Laser hair removal for facial hair is less painful, easy, and quick. Six to 8 sessions may be required. With advancing age, some patients may need to use the laser again to treat newly grown facial hair. Since laser hair removal for the chin, upper lip, and eyebrows involves a small area, prices are more reasonable than for other larger body areas.

Laser Hair Removal - Back Hair

Hair growth on the backside can be more than a cosmetic issue. The hair may get itchy, irritated, and there may be infection of the hair follicles. The discomfort usually worsens with warm weather, exercises, and sweating. The back hair may be sparse or very dense. In both cases, laser hair removal can be very helpful in eliminating or reducing the undesired hair.

Laser Hair Removal is More Effective Than Shaving or Waxing!

For controlling back hair growth, options like waxing, shaving, using depilatory creams, etc. may have some limitations. You will need somebody to help you when applying depilatory creams or shaving the back hair. Among these options, waxing has a good long-term effect in producing hair-free skin, which may last several weeks. But waxing can be an uncomfortable procedure, can be irritating to the skin, and can result in skin pigmentation.

The Results for Laser Hair Removal for Back Hair are Incredible!

One laser hair removal session can cover the back of a patient, and is well tolerated. Within five or six laser sessions, a permanent reduction in back hair growth can be achieved. When treatments are continued, most hair gets totally eliminated or permanently small. Even people with coarse, thick back hair can have a permanent hair thinning, along with decreased hair density. This is important for those people who may have irritation in their back hair.

Laser Hair Removal - Chest Hair

Some men may be interested in removing hair on the chest. Just like unwanted hair growth on the back, excessive or thick chest hair may be a source of embarrassment. Some men do not like the chest hair spilling out of their shirts. They may also be somewhat uncomfortable when venturing out in public without a shirt. Waxing or tweezing options can be impractical. Since chest hair can grow quickly, shaving is only a temporary solution and stubble hair will quickly appear again.

Laser Hair Removal for Your Chest Offers the Best Results!

There are many procedures to remove unwanted chest hair. But laser based hair removal is very popular because of the ease, time required, and the more permanent results obtained. Chest laser hair removal can be quick and take from a few minutes to an hour or slightly more. The time needed depends on the size of the treatment area and the amount of hair growth. Laser based hair removal for the chest hair is less painful than waxing is and consumes less time than shaving does. Shaving is a continual process that needs to be done over and over again.

What Results can I Expect With Laser Hair Removal on My Chest?

When it comes to removing chest hair using laser techniques, many men feel happy to find that their chests get hair-free after four to six sessions. How many sessions you will need, depends on your specific case. You will need to come in for a consultation with us before we can answer these questions and know what you can expect from your procedure.

Laser Hair Removal - Leg Hair

Hair removal for the legs helps to get rid of unwanted hair growth on your legs. The procedure can save many hours of time and energy for most women.

What are the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal on Legs?

When unwanted leg hair growth has been removed using a laser, the legs look and feel smoother than when shaving. The laser saves so many hours of precious time. For those women who are doing waxing, laser based hair removal can be less painful and more cost-effective in the long term.

Laser hair removal is not guaranteed to completely remove all your leg hair. But it can reduce the hair growth to a large extent. It can also lighten the hair color thus making it less noticeable.

What Results can I Expect With Laser Hair Removal on My Legs?

The laser procedure takes about an hour for both of the legs. Three to four treatments, each six to eight weeks apart, may be needed to achieve significant results.

Laser Hair Removal - Underarms

Laser Hair Removal is Effective for Underarms Too!

Underarm laser hair removal is a common practice for people wanting to remove unwanted under arm hair. Each laser light pulse removes the unwanted hair from the underarm region. The laser targets the hairs which are just starting to grow. Hair growth has three cycles, so multiple hair removal sessions may be needed to remove all underarm hair permanently.

Laser Hair Removal for Underarms is Quick!

Since the armpits are a comparatively smaller area, removal of underarm hair using a laser is one of the fastest procedures. The procedures requires only several minutes of treatment.

Laser Hair Removal - Arm Hair

Unwanted hair on the arms can be unsightly and unattractive. Some people may feel insecure about their presence. Waxing and shaving are only short-term solutions to the problem. By the time the irritation of shaving or waxing has passed by, the hair will begin to grow again. Laser assisted hair removal now offers a long lasting solution to unwanted arm hair. It is an ideal treatment for achieving permanent hair reduction on the upper arms or forearms among both males and females.

What is the Treatment Like?

A patient usually needs three to five sessions with the laser, for lasting results. The procedure causes less discomfort and less pain than waxing does. Time taken for the treatments may vary based on hair density, hair thickness, surface area, and some other factors. A treatment session usually lasts an hour or so.

Laser Hair Removal - Bikini or Brazilian

Like for other body areas, laser hair removal for the bikini area depends on factors like skin color, hair color, hair density, and hair thickness. We will evaluate these factors to choose the most suitable laser system for you. Clinics with good experience in laser hair removal are able to choose the most suitable light source or laser. Laser hair removal on the bikini area is relatively permanent, quick, and maintenance free after about 5 sessions. There is also a reduction in ingrown hairs.

Bikini Laser Hair Removal Reduces Ingrown Hairs and Razor Bumps!

Laser hair removal on the pubic area is effective and widely sought after. There may be more than just cosmetic concerns when treating the bikini area. This area may have common occurrences of folliculitis, infection and inflammation of the hair follicles. This may result in painful and itchy lesions. The inflammation may also lead to darkening of the skin and secondary hyper-pigmentation. The laser can be very helpful in eliminating or reducing hair growth, and for stopping or diminishing recurrent folliculitis.

Laser hair removal stops subsequent skin darkening, and folliculitis. Some of the lasers are also beneficial in reducing persistent skin redness caused by folliculitis. They are also beneficial in decreasing the cases of hyper-pigmentation. These are benefits that are very appreciated by patients worldwide. Having a bikini area that is free of irritation, discoloration, and hair, can be very desirable indeed!

Laser Hair Removal on Your Bikini Area is very Effective!

There are other hair removal methods, like applying depilatory creams, electrolysis and waxing. But they have limitations as to ease of use and effectiveness. Bikini laser hair removal accomplishes a permanent reduction in the majority of the pubic hair areas, within four to six treatments. The process is also well tolerated and very rapid!

If any hair is left behind after treatment, it is usually of very thin diameter. These lone hairs are very less of a cosmetic concern. The laser reduces irritation of the hair follicles. The laser hair removal procedure on the bikini area has been performed many times with considerably high patient satisfaction rates.

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